q: what should i bring?
a: headlamp, tent, airbed, sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, ear plugs, eye mask – the kinds of things you need when camping. sun screen, bug spray, tecnu, water bottle, favorite beverages, warm clothing, bathing suit, lawn games and costumes!
q: what are we going to do?
a: all sorts of stuff. you’ll be staying on 1300 acres of land near the south gate to yosemite. we have a hot tub, full bar with liquor license, basketball, archery range, hiking trails, and a huge ballroom for our evening activities. please volunteer to host one of our afternoon cocktail hours! 
q: what is live karaoke?
a: back for its fourth year, live karaoke pairs different singers with a live band, powering through the hits. 
q: will there be a talent show?
a: why yes! funny you should ask.. our fifth annual talent show will take place on new years day night. get your act together!
q: how much are tickets?
a: coming soon!
q: what can’t i bring?
a: bad vibes, dude.
q: can i bring my kid(s)?
a: absolutely! 100% kid friendly event. kids under 12 have discounted tickets.
q: where will i sleep?
a: we have 15 cabins that we are renting this year in addition to the RV park (full hookups at every spot) and plenty of room for tent camping. other local lodging options and discounts on RV and campervan rentals here. if your camper van doesn’t have hookups you can just park in the parking lot in front of the clubhouse at the tent camping rate (free).
q: can i camp in a tent?
a: yes indeed you can. we have loads of room for tent camping in the rv park, which also has full bathrooms/showers and laundry. you can also pitch your tent in our cart barn which will be dry, heated, and have a porta-pottie. 
q: when can i get there? when do i have to leave?
a: you can arrive on thursday, december 29. you have to leave at some point on monday, january 2.
q: do i need to bring my own sleeping bag/bedding & pillow?
a: yes unless you’re staying in one of the cabins. those will be fully equipped with everything.
q: i need a ride! (or) i can give someone a ride!
a: sweet. stay tuned for the meal signup/ride sharing/volunteer spreadsheet!
q: what will we eat?
a: brunch and dinner are fully catered. full menu coming soon on the food page.
q: will there be veggie/vegan meals?
a: yes.
q: can i bring my dog?
a: sure, if it’s a nice dog and plays well with other dogs and kids, and is 100% house trained. you know your dog and how much attention it needs, right? also needs to be on a leash.
q: can i bring my own booze?
a: yes but we ask that you buy drinks from our bar after 6pm each night so that we can stay in business. thanks!
q: will you be providing alcohol?
a: yes, you can purchase alcoholic beverages from us as we do have a full bar with liquor license. we accept cash and credit cards and can run tabs for the entire weekend.
q: can i smoke there?
a: yes but you have to be really smart and responsible. pick up after yourself. stay on concrete or gravel. don’t start a fire!
q: will we be able to use the kitchen?
a: unfortunately, no. the kitchen is being used by the staff to prepare our meals.
q: do i need to bring a printed ticket?
a: no, we’ll have your name on a list at the gate.
q: is there wifi at the camp?
a: yes, there is wifi in the main lodge and also in the rv park.
q: is the camp wheelchair accessible?
a: yes, there are ramps everywhere here. we also have one accessible cabin – please let us know if you need this cabin.